by | Feb 12, 2021

Ontario performed reasonably well by Canadian and international standards in combating this pandemic’s first wave. It followed the federal lead with a strong lockdown which “flattened the curve” in the sense of a declining rate of new cases by late April and began curbing the COVID death rate by mid-May.  Sadly, over the course of the subsequent summer, the Ontario government chose to phase out social distancing restrictions despite the rate of new cases never having been driven below the numbers which had sparked the first wave.  Predictably, that enabled an even more deadly second wave which cost the lives of more than 4,000 Ontarians. Incredibly but in keeping with its business-first priorities, it inflicted a third wave upon us by again lifting the protective restrictions in February of last year when average daily new cases were still ten times the level which had sparked the second wave. And, not being one to learn from previous fatal errors when appeasing his base is more important than lost lives, he has done it again by lifting all restrictions in the midst of the current Omicron wave with the added twist of having eliminated the daily-new-cases statistics which had previously provided us with reasonably accurate information on just how bad the situation was. For a reality check on the real status of the pandemic, click on Wastewater testing results.